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Metal Wire Mesh Demister

Metal Wire Mesh Demister

Metal Wire Mesh Demister

Products Introduction of Metal Wire Mesh Demister

In many process operations the removal of entrained material in vapour flows is essential. Metal Wire Mesh Demister units is suitable for any application. The principle of demister operation is based on having a large number of obstacles intercepting entrained droplets in a vapour flow. This large number of obstacles must provide minimum drop in pressure over the removal system. Metal Wire Mesh Demister is complicit in liquid separation device, gas through the silk cushion defoaming machine, can remove the entrained entrainment. This standard (HG/T21618-1998 is in the original chemical standards: HG5-1404-81, HG5-1405-81 and HG5-1406-81, on the basis of combined the actual screen defoaming device using revision experience and advanced technology of the device.

Working Principle

In the usual chemical gas encountered in the operation of dispersed droplets in 0.1 ~ 5000 microns in diameter. The average particle size is more than 100 microns particles for settling velocity faster, its separation problem is easy to solve. Often than 50 microns in diameter droplets, gravity sedimentation separation; More than 5 microns droplets usable inertia collision and centrifugation; For smaller mist to try to make its gathered to form larger particles, or use the fiber filter and electrostatic demister.

Metal Wire Mesh Demister

Metal Wire Mesh Demister is mainly used for separation of 3 mu m ~ 5 microns in diameter droplets, working principle as shown in the picture on the right. When with entrainment gas rise at a certain speed, through the rack in the wire mesh on the grille, due to the effect of inertia of the entrainment to rise, makes the entrainment collisions with filaments and adhesion on the surface of the filaments. Filaments on the surface of the entrainment further proliferation and entrainment itself gravity settling, the entrainment form a larger droplets along the filaments mixed flow to it. As a result of the filaments wettability, surface tension of liquid and filaments capillary effect, make the droplets is more and more big, until its own gravity over rising gas buoyancy and liquid surface tension force, were separated and whereabouts, flow to the downstream equipment. As long as chooses proper operating gas velocity conditions, gas through the screen after defoaming machine, its defoaming efficiency can achieve 97% above, can achieve the purpose of completely removing entrainment.

Products’ name

Metal wire mesh demister


316, 316L, 304, (ss,sus), etc


Diameter: DN300-6400mm
Thickness: 100-500mm
Installation type: jacket type bottoms type


Metal Wire Mesh Demister It is widely used in chemical, petroleum, sulfate, medicine, light industry, metallurgy, machine, building, construction, aviation, shipping, environment protection and for fuel gas scrubber. Metal Wire Mesh Demister used for gas separation tower entrained droplets, to ensure that the mass transfer efficiency, reduce the loss of valuable materials and improving the tower after the operation of the compressor, more commonly in the top screen defoaming device Settings. Can effectively remove 3 - 5 um droplets, tray if setting between defoaming machine, not only can ensure the mass transfer efficiency of tray, also can reduce the plate spacing. So the screen defoaming machine is mainly used for gas liquid separation. Also for the air filter used for gas separation. In addition, the defoaming device screen also can be used as instrument of buffer in instrument industry, in order to prevent the radio interference of electromagnetic shielding, etc.


Simple structure, small volume, light weight
Void fraction, pressure drop, small
Contact with high surface area, high defoaming separation efficiency
Installation, operation, maintenance is convenient
The service life is long

Packaging & Shipping


Carton box, Jumbo bag, Wooden case





Normal order

Minimum order

Sample order


25 CBM

54 CBM

68 CBM

<25 CBM


< 5 pcs

Delivery time

7 days

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3 days



Customized making is allowed.

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