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This KELLEY's old client with regular demend with 25mm size 17% inert alumina ceramic ball for their oil refinery oil & gas catalytic device. Use as the support media for protect the low strength catalyst. Inert alumina ceramic ball is one of the new media in chemical industries with unmatched impact resistance, thermal shock, crush strength, and survivability. Products to these specifications are manufactured from very high quality chemical-porcelain clay materials, which has quite excellent stability, high mechanical strength and resistance to thermal shock, This makes them all ideal choice for support of all types of catalysts and RTO hot exchange applications....

3.5Million Tons of Atmospheric-Vacuum Project - 250Y Corrugated Plate Packing Installation Has Completed

Our cooperation with a domestic chemical plant of 3.5 million Tons of Atmospheric-Vacuum Project - 250Y Corrugated Plate Packing Installation has completed, the project is running normally. Metal corrugated-plate packing is formed from vertical sheets of corrugated metal with the angle of the corrugation reversed in adjacent sheets to form a open structure with inclined flow channel. Its structural characteristics help to enhance liquid distribution and packing wetting performance

KELLEY'S Carbon Rashig Ring TOWER PACKING Export to UAE

Jiangxi Kelley Chemical Packing co., Ltd has produced a batch of Carbon Raschig Rings, export to the United Arab Emirates. Kelley is a professional manufacturer of ceramic packing, plastic packing, metal packing, ceramic ball, molecular sieve and other products; we supply chemical packing products to domestics as well as worldwide, with good reputation and excellent product quality. About this export of the United Arab Emirates carbon Raschig ring products, welcome to contact us if you need. Contact information as shown in the web page.

The French partner visit KELLEY and seek the cooperation opportunities

The French partner visit KELLEY and seek the cooperation opportunities for our tower packing products, mainly for metal and plastic random packing, structured packing, and some time for ceramic tower packing products. KELLEY always very enthusiastic for their clients, they has arrival to NanChang Airport at noon on Aug 12th, 2017. KELLEY's staff has goes to NanChang airport and pick up them. And back to Pingxiang city at afternoon.

KELLEY'S Random Packing(Ceramic raschig ring,intalox saddle and ss304 pall ring,carbon raschig ring export to KNPC)

Aug 22th,2017 KELLEY has finishing the whole production for the KNPC purchase order of the require random packing products. The goods has packed by stainless steel drums put on pallets. Inside the stainless steel drums the goods packed by the pvc plastic 200ML bags, so it can be water proofed. The goods all produced by international standard, with best export quality. Here has some reference products' pictures.

Ceramic super saddle export to europe

Ceramic Saddle packing (Intalox Saddle) with a trench semicircular structure that reduces the mutual occlusion between the fillers and increases the porosity, so as to improve the effective utilization of the mass transfer surface, and has a good fluid distribution performance. Comparing with the same material Raschig ring packing, has the advantages of large flux, low pressure, and high efficiency.

Inert alumina ceramic ball - catalyst support media use for rfcc export to africa

Inert alumina ceramic ball filler has the characteristics of high strength, high chemical stability and thermal stability. It can withstand high temperature, high pressure and acid, alkali, salt and a variety of organic solvents corrosion. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, gas and environmental protection industries, as a catalyst in the reactor to cover support material and tower packing. Its main role is to increase the distribution of liquid or gas, support and protect the activated catalyst with low strength.

Chemical plant in inner mongolia desulfurization tower packing

Kelley had delivered a batch of Light Porcelain Multiple Ring Packing and Fiberglass Packing to Inner Mongolia, and get high recognition from customer. The progress lasted 3 months of production and installation, we thanks for Kelley team's hardwork and customer's support and cooperation. Kelley will, as always, provide high-quality products and services to our customer.

Kelley's new sales order - glazed ceramic raschig ring

It will export to KELLEY's new client in Sweden, This ceramic raschig ring has add the glazy process, it can reduce the products' water absorption and with better acid & alkali resistant, It's a good choice for strongly acid and alkali service environment.

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